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The apps we use while travelling

By | Travel Tips | 2 Comments - free offline maps with navigation We just love! You only need to download the map of the region/country you are interested in. The maps work offline, offer navigation while walking or gives you driving directions. Are very detailed, you can find addresses, places, and mostly everything. The app is available for all popular devices. We used this app in Europe and the USA and had absolutely no problem, everything worked very smooth and the directions were always correct. Check out everything there is to know on their official website. Moovit It is a free app that offers...
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Mykonos, Greece view

Here’s a Summer vacation idea: Mykonos, Greece

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Mykonos is a greek island, part of the Cyclades group, a little white paradise in the Aegean Sea. All buildings are white with flat roofs, not higher than two floors, with colorful wooden shutters. Ornos beach We were in Mykonos in September and stayed in the Ornos area. The weather was perfect, not summer hot, but warm enough to lay on the beach and get sun tanned. The temperature wouldn't drop very much in the evening (as you would expect). It never got under 22 degrees (Celsius, of course). The beach is awesome, with comfortable sunbeds and thatched umbrellas. We've visited a couple...
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Downtown Credo, Orlando, FL

Enjoying coffee while helping the community in Orlando, FL

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For a European coffee drinker (or should I just say someone who likes a good and strong coffee), finding good coffee in the US is rare (I like Starbucks but still…). I like to make coffee at home but sometimes I prefer to enjoy a coffee made at a good espresso machine and of course, with decent coffee beans. And by that I don’t mean a machine where you push a button and your latte is ready. What I mean is a real espresso machine followed by a handcrafted pouring technique, all handled by a talented barista. Downtown Credo –…

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Tel Aviv, Israel beach

What we did in Tel-Aviv, Israel

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Tel-Aviv is a beautiful mix of old and new, of high-rise buildings next to old buildings almost falling apart. We visited it in March and it was a very nice spring weather. What I loved the most is the local food. Falafel, hummus, eggplant, olives, and fresh dates are just an example. And, as a vegetarian, I had a lot of options. Oh but wait, it’s not the food I liked the most, it’s the cats! There are thousands of stray cats everywhere. Even at the beach, looking over the Mediterranean Sea :). View Larger View Larger View Larger The...
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Fly for less to Maldives!

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Ever wanted to visit a tropical island? What about Maldives? Well, here is your chance. National Spanish carrier, Iberia Airlines is having a really good deal for flights to Male (Maldives). Departure airport is Madrid with a layover in London (around 7h, that's the only minus for this trip). Returning flight takes around 16 hours. This offer is valid for flights during the winter season (November - December 2016) which is perfect for that area. The price for this flight starts from 386€ (2 days ago the price was 350€, so you better hurry up).  There are other dates available at this price. Maldives...
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