Here’s a Summer vacation idea: Mykonos, Greece

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Mykonos is a greek island, part of the Cyclades group, a little white paradise in the Aegean Sea.

All buildings are white with flat roofs, not higher than two floors, with colorful wooden shutters.

Ornos beach

We were in Mykonos in September and stayed in the Ornos area.

The weather was perfect, not summer hot, but warm enough to lay on the beach and get sun tanned. The temperature wouldn’t drop very much in the evening (as you would expect). It never got under 22 degrees (Celsius, of course).

The beach is awesome, with comfortable sunbeds and thatched umbrellas. We’ve visited a couple more beaches but Ornos Beach we liked the most.

The golden sand is soft and the water is crystal clear. It is so clean that you can see all the small fishes coming to tickle your toes.

We have thought long enough before deciding to go on an island, the main reason being transportation. In the end, we decided to go and definitely rent a car. We didn’t because we only stayed for 5 days, but this is not the main reason.

The apartment we stayed in was very close to the beach, a nice 10 minutes walk. We found plenty of restaurants near the beach so we were all set.

A very nice bakery was within a 5 minutes walk and each morning we would go there for coffee and breakfast. At least 2 supermarkets were also reachable within walking distance (nothing was more than 10 minutes away).

There is a bus, every 10-15 minutes, that connects different parts of the town and beaches with the city center, Mykonos Town.

Paradise beach and the quad

You can find in Mykonos a lot of places where you can rent a quad or a car.

We have rented a quad for a day and visited a couple more beaches. It was an interesting adventure because we didn’t drove one until then, it’s pretty easy and the island doesn’t have that much traffic, plus, they are used to tourists on quads.

Mykonos Town

There are these idyllic alleyways with small shops where you can buy souvenirs and jewelry, designer shops and art galleries.

Driving is not allowed in the city center. Cars won’t actually fit on the narrow streets where you can easily get lost.

Bohemian restaurants and chic resting areas can be found at almost every corner.

If you get bored of walking around in a circle (no, we were not lost!) you can go and see a movie (while having dinner) at the outdoor cinema theater. Or, choose one of the taverns where the waiter and the cook’s wife are singing live greek music ;).

The Windmills

The cats

There are a lot of stray cats on this island and, as a cat person, I find this very pleasant. Some of them are snoozing in the sun other just keep you company at dinner (or beg for some calamari). We even saw a cat in the airport, in the waiting room :).

The food

Needless to say, the food is excellent (and the wine too)! Fresh fish and seafood, olives and greek salad, locally grown vegetables and fruits! Unless you are eating at some restaurant on the narrow streets of the Mykonos town, every meal comes with a view.

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