The apps we use while travelling

By March 7, 2016 Travel Tips 2 Comments – free offline maps with navigation travel tips

We just love! You only need to download the map of the region/country you are interested in. The maps work offline, offer navigation while walking or gives you driving directions. Are very detailed, you can find addresses, places, and mostly everything.

The app is available for all popular devices.

We used this app in Europe and the USA and had absolutely no problem, everything worked very smooth and the directions were always correct.

Check out everything there is to know on their official website.



It is a free app that offers real-time public transportation information. It also gives you the time until the next bus/tram/metro arrives.

You can view nearby stations on the map and suggestions on what public transportation to use to get to your destination.

What is also cool about this app is that is community driven and this makes it more reliable.

The app is available for iOS, Android,  and Windows Phone.

Read all about its features on their moovit site.


Wallet - iPhone

It is an iPhone app previously known as Passbook. It’s used to store all kind of passes, tickets, payment cards, loyalty cards and so on.

We use it to store the boarding passes (to check in for flights) and hotel reservations (to show them at the hotel in case they ask for them). This way we don’t have to print them anymore.

Read more on how to use it on apple support page.

Google Maps

Google Maps

We mostly use it offline, we cache the map and then navigate using the phone’s GPS. We also use it to search for public transportation suggestions and locate the nearest station.

We sometimes cache the map before boarding on a plane and open it while we are up in the sky to see where we are :).

Google provides a detailed explanation on how to make the most of it.


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